The corporate involvement of Charles Ruggieri’s children since 2005 lead to a profound restructuring in 2014, dividing the entity into three key operational hubs: The international hub, managed by Julien Ruggieri, real estate under the responsibility of Nicolas Ruggieri and the family heritage which is upheld by Claire Ruggieri.

Each hub adheres to governance rules which link the family with qualified external members.

Comité de direction
M et Mme Charles Ruggieri
Julien Ruggieri
Claire Ruggieri
Nicolas Ruggieri
Paul Boban, secrétaire général
Représentants extérieurs
François Couchou-Meillot
Jean-Claude Georges-François
Benoît Gillet
Yan Perchet
Gérard Picard
Christian Raynaud
Jacques Reckinger
Hervé Semin
Philippe Vidal