History & Core Values

Created in 1988 by Charles Ruggieri, Batipart Invest is a family owned company that has participated since the 1980’s in the development and conversion of several real estate companies.

Batipart has diversified its activities since 2001, in the health field, particularly retirement homes, participating in the structuring of leaders in the sector.

Since 2007, the family is pushed by an internationalizing will:

In Africa, with the creation of an Hotel Group, and with the aim of developing about 20 hotels

In Canada, in partnership with the Cogir Group, in the real estate field

In Canada again, more recently, in the tourism industry, through the acquisition of the Parc Oméga

Since 2005, the implication of Charles Ruggieri’s children in the group has led to the transmission of the group in 2018. Julien, Claire and Nicolas are respectively in charge of developing one of the group’s sector.





Through its various investments, and its team organization, Batipart is playing a key role in long-term businesses, family oriented, with a sustainable and rational management, and putting entrepreneurship in a central position in its activities.