Founded in 1988 by Charles Ruggieri, Batipart acquired their know-how from the management and restructuring of the steel industry in the French region of Lorraine.

In the 1980s, Batipart promoted and developed Batibail, then expanded into regional real-estate and finally became a shareholder of Eurosic. Thus, Batipart have become an important stakeholder in the French real estate landscape and actively maintain a network of financial and industrial partners.

Alongside this activity, in 2001, Batipart diversified into healthcare focusing on retirement homes founding the Korian Group, now Korian Medica following a successful merger, it is now the European leader of the Care Home sector.

The deployment into real estate and health care was complemented by a will to internationalise. Batipart pursued this ambition and opened up a specific branch dedicated to international development in Africa and Asia.

Batipart have also established a family heritage through the Juniclair foundation.

Batipart act as business developers in the areas in which they are involved:

  • By taking part in strategy development
  • By supporting and helping the growth of the management teams
  • By providing the necessary financial resources, mobilising their long term investors.