History & Core Values

Created in 1988 by Charles Ruggieri, Batipart Invest is a family-owned company which since the 1980s has successfully promoted the real-estate development of Batibail, then of Foncière des Régions and most recently of Eurosic between 2011 and 2017. In 2017, Batipart redeployed its real estate activities in Europe with the creation of an unlisted platform: BATIPART IMMO EUROPE, while diversifying its portfolio through two strategic axis : yielding assets and value-added assets. 

In parallel, since 2001, Batipart has diversified its activities into the field of health and particularly retirement homes by creating the Korian group and merging it into Korian Médica, which is now the European leader in global care facilities for dependent people. In 2014, Batipart sold its shares in Korian Medica.

Since 2006, the deployment of the real estate and health sectors has gone hand-in-hand with a will for internationalization.

In Africa, the ONOMO hotel group is developing around twenty hotels in 12 countries. The Ruggieri family has diversified activities to become a recognized player in hostelry, and has internationalized its activities by developing this pan African group.

In line with the Onomo group development, Batipart is launching its new hostelry investment platform in Europe ANAMA, after the acquisition in 2019 of six hotels in the city-centre and in Kirchberg, managed by Sofitel, Novotel and Mama Shelter located in Luxembourg

In North America, this diversification is characterized by an important partnership with the Cogir Group, in the real estate field.

The family is working on a development platform in the tourism industry. In 2019, the acquisition of the nature reserve and wildlife park located in the region of Montebello, Parc Omega, marks the beginning of this new activity sector and meets the group’s diversification and internationalization objectives.

Since 2005, the implication of Charles Ruggeri’s children in the group has led to an organisation around main businesses, each one under the responsibility of a family member.

  • EUR 1.1 billion by way of share of assets and EUR 7.0 billions of assets under management (including AUM Cogir)
  • A focus on real estate or on activities with a strong real-estate component
  • A broad and diversified geographical presence:
    • Europe
    • Africa and
    • North America
  • Investment strategy and philosophy:
    • Focus on markets driven by population growth
    • Create leaders on their markets and platforms to ensure future developments
    • Long-term investor (average investment period between 10 and 15 years)
    • Long-term strategic relationships and partnerships thanks to a historic network of institutional investors (banks, insurance companies) and family shareholders

In parallel with these activities, the Batipart group has been supporting and facilitating various philanthropic projects for more than 10 years through the Juniclair Foundation, chaired by Marianne Ruggieri.


Through its various investments, and through the organisation of its teams, Batipart plays the role of a long-term, family business developer, with a reasoned and sustainable management, which places the entrepreneurial adventure at the heart of its activity.