Parc Omega

The Parc Omega

In its tourism development strategy, the Batipart group has acquired in May 2019 the Parc Oméga Inc, a Canadian company owner-operator of the animal and cultural park, located in the Ontaouais, Québec (between Québec and Ottawa).

This innovative project is a wildlife park dedicated to the observation of various animal species of the North-American wildlife, and elements of Quebec’s History.

The Parc Oméga (800 ha) offers a car tour, where you can discover Canadians animals (wolves, foxes, wapitis, mooses, buffalos) in their natural habitat, with a focus on Canada’s origins (hiking trails, old farm, trading post, sugar shack…) and also catering spots and atypical accommodations.

One-of-a-kind project, the park is hosting several hundreds of thousands visitors a year (277.000 in 2018) and regularly wins tourism prizes.

New developments are considered: the improvement of the accommodations in the park itself, the reinforcement of the diversification of the activities and services for the visitors, a new strategy (customer segmentation) and data monetization.

Parc Oméga’s growth will be done respecting its DNA: rationally and with its funder’s consultation.

Long term investment with 2 objectives:

  • Build a Batipart platform tourism-oriented
  • Reinforce Batipart’s activities in North Amercia


399 QC-323, Montebello
QC J0V 1L0