Our Story
Reconversion And Property Development

Created by Charles Ruggieri, Batipart is a family-run group with its roots in restructure and management of residential properties in France (mainly in the north-east of Lorraine). Batipart has undertaken property conversion and development through various companies: Immobilière Batibail, then Covivio (formely Foncière des Région) and finally Eurosic between 2011 and 2017.

Diversification And Expansion

In the early 2000s - the group gradually strengthened its position in the property sector and diversified its activities:

  • In the healthcare sector, with the creation of the group Korian Médica, Europe's leading provider of comprehensive care for dependent people (shareholding sold in 2014);
  • In the leisure sector, through its ownership of various holiday resorts and open-air hotels.
Diversification And Internationalisation

The process of diversification was accompanied and complemented by a process of geographic expansion:

  • Batipart set up pan-African hotel group Onomo, a mid-range business hotel platform. Subsequently, Batipart strengthened its position in the hotel sector by developing a hotel platform in Luxembourg;
  • In North America, this diversification was further illustrated by a major real estate partnership with the Cogir group (in 2015);
  • Batipart also started to build a development platform in the tourism and nature accommodation sector, starting with the acquisition of Parc Oméga in Quebec in 2019.
Handover And Continuity

Since 2005, the involvement of Charles et Marianne Ruggieri’s children has led to an organisation of the Group around core businesses, each led by a member of the family. This growing involvement was finally rewarded in 2018 when Charles and Marianne Ruggieri handed over the company to their three children. This handover is in line with a rationale of continuity, family control and solidarity, and is embodied in the governance system that brings together the members of the family to take all of the Group's strategic decisions unanimously.