Batipart Immo Europe

After leading and supporting Eurosic’s development since 2011, Batipart sold its entire stake in Eurosic to Gecina in June 2017 to create Europe’s No 1 office real estate company.

As part of this transaction, Batipart retained the so-called “diversification” assets in Eurosic’s leisure and health sectors.
Batipart is also keeping most of the management team set up many years ago as a basis for redeployment of Batipart’s real estate activities in Europe, with the creation of an unlisted platform: Batipart Immo Europe.

Since then, the group has invested in the offices sector in the main French metropolitan areas (aside from Paris).

All these assets under management represent nearly EUR 3 billions spread over six countries as at June 2019. Our team is composed of about sixty people through five locations on the European territory: Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Toulouse. The team brings together all the real estate expertise in order to enhance the assets managed.

With this new experience and endorsing the same values, Batipart starts a new chapter in its real estate history.

Batipart is organising its new real-estate activities in Europe through three investment vehicles:

  • Batipart Immo Long Terme: a real-estate vehicle with a pan-European long-term return. Through these long-term leases secured investments, Batipart supports its tenants in their real estate development in leisure and health sectors, creating added value and reinforcing the operator’s on their sites.
    The regional offices portfolio and assets in Spain offer additional stability and added value.
  • Batipart Développement: a vehicle for promoting offices in Paris/Isle de France.
    Batipart conducts development operations in the offices sector, pursuing a valuation objective: sourcing, acquisition (land consolidation, buildings acquisition, research of additional constructability), setting up of operations, conception and construction, rental of buildings and finally resale.
  • Batipart Participations: a vehicle for acquiring holdings in European listed companies, offering a diversified exposure in the European listed real estate sector, to benefit from markets volatility.

Batipart Immo Europe

4-6, rue du fort Rheinsheim
L-2419 Luxembourg

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